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Jazz Studies Program


Program/Scholarship Auditions

All Audition videos must be submitted by February 5th! Send them to: [email protected]

You can use OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, or send a YouTube Link!

Jazz Scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate an aptitude and desire to participate in the Jazz Studies Program. Students receiving a Jazz Scholarship are required to participate in JSU Jazz Ensembles and JSU Jazz Combos as needed. 

· All Jazz scholarship applicants must first apply on the JSU Scholarship       Applications Website linked below.

· Students should be prepared to play a jazz standard, a transcription, or a selection from your high school jazz band ensemble.

· A piece to sight-read will be provided.

· Improvisation is highly encouraged. 

All Jazz auditions for Fall 2021 will be by video submission. Deadline is February 5, 2021.  Please contact Dr. Andy Nevala to schedule your sight-reading audition.

Anyone who is interested in auditioning for Scholarships to the JSU Jazz Studies program must complete an application through the JSU Website Scholarship Page,, and contact me directly at [email protected].

For all music scholarship information, go to:

Ensemble Placement Auditions

Ensemble Placement Auditions are different then Scholarship auditions, and happen the Monday before classes begin. Materials will be posted on Aug 1st!