Jazz Studies Program

Program/Scholarship Auditions

Anyone who is interested in auditioning for Scholarships to the JSU Jazz Studies program must contact me directly at [email protected]

Those who plan on auditioning will sit in on a JSU Jazz Ensemble 1 Rehearsal, followed by a private audition. For the private audition, be prepared to play anything that you are already working on, whether it is a transcription, jazz etude, or music from your high school jazz band, just to show us what you can do. You will also have to sightread a piece.

Ensemble Placement Auditions

Placement Auditions for Ensembles are held on the first day of classes. Jazz Ensembles I and II are audition only. Jazz Ensembles III and IV are open to everyone!  Combos are decided according to your CLASS schedule.

Good luck, and we hope to see you at the auditions!


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